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FUNiX the online university is a member unit under FPT Education, officially launched on 13th December, 2015 and opened its first course on 20 th November 2015.
Starting with bachelor’s degree and IT certificates, FUNiX has been expanding its education scope to other areas such as economics, architecture, music and so on by using collaboration model with universities and educational institutes in Vietnam and all around the world.
Teaching and learning activities are organized and managed with a completely new method called FUNiX Way. This method is expected to increase the rate of completing online courses and improve graduating quality of students. FUNiX is collaborating with other businesses and organization to apply FUNiX Way to internal training to help boost the efficiency and cut down on costs.

Mức lương ngành CNTT ở Vietnam

Dear students of FUNiX the online university and FPT University!

Information technology are bringing about great changes in the world in the way we live, communicate and work. We are getting more of the Internet, we are making more online friends, and we are learning more from the World Wide Web. Information technology also created outstandingly successful stories in human’s history. Facebook has reached its one millionth user. Alibaba has become the world’s biggest supermarket. Uber is on its way to becoming the world’s biggest transport company without having to own a single car.


In Vietnam, Information technology are creating chances for several young people to broaden their knowledge and make a fortune for themselves.


Tens of thousands of young people are diligently working in big corporations in FPT, Viettel, Tinh Van, BKAV, TMA… to create platform applications for a globally smart society such as electronic government, smart city, optimized traffic, electricity control system…


Information technology are also making  a great example for thousands with Nguyen Ha Dong (Flappy bird), Ngo Xuan Huy (Money Lover), Dinh Hung (JoomlArt.com), Nguyen HoaBinh (chodientu.com)… Start-ups help create new products and services to contribute to the economy.

Information technology is also the tool to help millions of farmers, labor workers, small business owners and employees in general by supporting information searches, increasing productivity and raising income.

Information technology in general, or Internet in particular, is mankind’s knowledge resource and a vehicle to help us realize our intentions: studying goes hand in hand with practicing, study constantly, any place, any time.

Studying takes a lifetime, one that is uneven and full of obstacles. Only you yourselves make the decision whether to go forth till the destination, and to go fast or take it slow.

As for us, teachers, staff, mentors – experts, we are committed to stand by you.

FUNiX’s founder – Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nam.


FUNiX wishes to:

  • Become a high quality university on par with developed countries (USA, Europe) with moderate fees for developing countries like Vietnam!
  • Become a university not only for full-time students but also for people with limited time budget to invest in the future!
  • To become a university where teachers are working professionals, integrating the university and the industry, building and exploiting vocational communities.

These are FUNiX’s operational rules:

  1. Economical: Enstein said: “of all those that need to be saved, time is the most essential.” FUNiX’s slogan: graduate early to make money (which means to bring knowledge into life).
  2. Top-notch:Qualified and inspiring teachers are rare. FUNiX only use lectures from leading professors in the world, uploaded to the Internet in the form of MOOC. References are also online resources.
  3. English:Lectures are presented in English, accompanied with subtitles and dubs. Students are encouraged to rewind lectures to feel the language.
  4. Certificate:The smallest knowledge unit that can be applied to working is Certificate. FUNiX’s IT Bachelor Degree consists of 8 certificates, confirming eight groups of knowledge and skills necessary for learners to be accepted by leading companies in the area.
  5. Voluntary:Learners study based on enrolled certificates/modules. Learners only need to show their will and commitment. There is no prerequisite for each certificate. Learners can start with any certificate. They can show their will and eager by constantly asking question during learning progress.
  6. Immediate: Learners will be supported by mentors (working professionals) to help answer questions and completing exercises, immediately, in real-time condition.
  7. Attitude:Learners are to be assessed through:
    • Learning attitude, shown by the minimal number of questions they need to ask their mentors
    • Completed exercises
    • Participate in Q&A sessions with mentor
  8. Community:Students and mentors will create a technology community (FUNiXcommunity) to help solve practical problems and prepare for future co-worker relationships. Students have the opportunity to connect with “recruiters” from the first day of university and during the entire progress.
  9. Experience:Learners will experience xDays, which are monthly offline events to help build sustainable relationships beside online interaction.
  10. Reasonable fee:Tuition fees are suitable for Vietnamese standards. Scholarships are granted to encourage students.
  1. Parking ticket
  2. Costs for activities unrelated to the program
  3. Commute from home to university and vice versa during peak hours
  4. Learning contents unrelated to your desired career
  5. Fixed schedule
  6. Unexpected fees