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  1. Policies for FPT University Students

Starting Fall 2016 Semester, following Decision No. 863/QD-DHFPT by FPT University on the recognition and conversion of credits for modules of Online University (FUNiX), students majoring in Software Engineering under university program of FPT University will have new experiences – “on-cloud education”.


List of 9 converted modules:

  • CSI101 (Introduction to Computing)
  • PRO192 (Object-Oriented Programming with Java)
  • DBI202 (Database Systems)
  • CSD201 (Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • PRO201 (Front-end Web Development)
  • PRJ311 (Destop Java Applications)
  • PRJ321 (Web-based Java Applications)
  • SWE102 (Introduction to Software Engineering)
  • SWR301 (Software Requirements)

Registration procedure:
Students under university program of FPT University can register for converted modules by FUNiX Here

After students register and complete enrolling procedure within a week, FUNiX University will grant a learning account and open the registered module on the next Monday.

Fee: 2.500.000 VND/module, to be transferred to:

– Account Number: 00006969008
– Account Holder: FPT University – Tien Phong Stock Commercial Bank – Hanoi Branch.
– Transfer content: Students are required to state clearly: Name_FPT University Student ID_Registered Module.

For example: Nguyen Van A_HNC10001 _Studying fee for PRO192x

Education formats and schedules:

  • Schedule: For each module, students will study and take exams within 6 weeks since their learning accounts are provided and the module is opened on their learning systems.
  • Learning methods and evaluation criteria can be found out on: https://www.funix.edu.vn/cach-hoc/

For more information, please contact FUNiX:

Enrolling Consulting Department:
Telephone: 04 7300 5656, Hotline 093 666 6807 (Ms Oanh)
Email oanhnh6@fe.edu.vn

  1. Policies for students of Aptech Programmer Training System

FUNiX has an interconnected education program from Software Technology by Aptech to Software Technology under the Graduate program, a curriculum to achieve graduate degree for graduated APTECH students.

Graduated Aptech Students of the 2-year program, upon enrolling FUNiX for graduate degree, will be exempted from first 04 credits and only need to take 01 bridge credit to summarize these 04 credits.

Bridge credit:

a) Modules:

  • Data Structures and algorithm (DSA)
  • Ethics in IT
  • IT Project Management
  • Cybersecurity

b) Fee: 11.000.000 vnđ

Credit 5:Basic software engineer certificate

a) Modules:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Software Requirements
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Online Lab 3

b) Fee:5 million VND

Credit 6: Bussiness Alignment Certificate

a) Modules:

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Doing business FPT Way

b) Fee: 12.1 million

Credit 7: Information System Specialist Certificate

a) Modules:

  • Elective 1 – Big data
  • Elective 2 – Cloud Computing
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Operating system & Computer Network
  • Online Lab 4

b) Fee: 12.7 triệu

Credit 8: Software Engineer Graduation Certificate

a) Module:

  • Advanced Mathematics for Engineering
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Philosophy
  • Hochiminh Ideology & Revolutionary way of CPV
  • Capstone project

b) Fee: 13.4 million

Policies for Graduated Students

If you are a graduate from other universities, you will be exempted from some outline subjects as long as you can provide your transcript and graduate degree. List of exempted subjects: Hochiminh Ideology & Revolutionary way of CPV

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