Fashion reigns not only on the catwalks. Popular trends, patterns and colors penetrate into all spheres of our life. So we can also meet her in the bedroom. Modern bedding, in addition to purely practical functions, also have aesthetic functions. And good! There is nothing more pleasant than a successful and peaceful sleep. Read and check out which bedding designs are in fashion right now.Immortal classics, i.e. black and white patterns
Black and white are one of the main colors. The situation is similar in the canons of fashion. Both of these colors always find their place in subsequent collections. Only patterns change - their sizes and types.Nowadays, in addition to the classical cage and dots, which have become a permanent part of the widely understood textile industry, various geometric patterns, more or less dense, are in fashion. So if you like black and white, we strongly recommend that you buy this type of bed linen.In the case of black and white patterns, which is important, the arrangement of our bedroom does not matter much. These classic colors match perfectly with most other colors. Only it is worth paying attention to the pattern. In the case of ornate interiors, less dense and large patterns will suit. In the case of economical bedroom layouts – denser and thinner.Flamingos
From black and white we move on to patterns whose trademark is flamingos, which now reign everywhere. The image of these unique birds can be found on clothes, furniture, notebooks, dishes, walls and food. Recently, they have also become trademarks of many new eateries. Therefore, they cannot be absent on bedding.Beautiful, large and juicy pink flamingos on a contrasting blue or green background, enriched with floral patterns, are now a real hit. For those to whom such a color contrast is too intense, we recommend flamingos on a gray background, since shades of pink and gray perfectly match each other.The pattern of bed linen with the image of a flamingo will definitely fit into the modern style of bedroom arrangement. This type of bed linen is sure to appeal to people who appreciate both fashion and expressiveness of style.3D bed linen
And now something for lovers of juicy, unique colors and realistic drawings - 3D bed linen. 3D-printed bed linen is constantly gaining new fans, both among children and teenagers, and among adults. What exactly is this solution?How is this possible?The 3D effect is provided by the use of modern technology of so-called reactive printing, which causes spatial perception in recipients.3D bed linen will certainly bring our children a lot of joy, especially if it has a drawing with the image of a favorite animal or athlete. 3D bedding is also a great offer for adults who appreciate aesthetic experiences similar to those associated with photography. The patterns on the 3D bedding resemble realistic and beautiful photos. Конопляное волокно в основном (80%) состоит из нерастворимых фракций. Рекомендуем купить семена конопли - после удаления оболочки съедобная часть семян содержит в среднем 46,7% масла и 35,9% белка.

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