The handle is a movable handle fixed on the door and window lock, which is used for opening and closing. Each handle is mechanically connected to a latch that, when moving out of the door or window into the frame, blocks their opening. Most handles in their mechanism have a spring that pushes the latch. By pressing the handle, we activate the lever that overcomes the resistance of the spring, which allows you to unlock the opening.Handles, usually made of metal or plastic, belong to the group of construction accessories. Depending on the accepted division criterion , door and window handles with a long or short overlay are distinguished . Let's take a closer look at some of the main types of pens.Door handles for exterior doors
When choosing a door handle, we must first take into account its purpose. Handles for entrance doors, i.e. external, should be made of materials more resistant than those used in interiors. Also, the design of the handle may vary depending on the place of use.Door handles for exterior doors are most often equipped with a long pad, in the lower part of which there is a key hole. The pad is connected to the handle by a pin, and its role is to cover the hole in the sheet plate, which on the one hand increases aesthetics, and on the other protects the lock and the mechanism of the handle, for example, from the effects of moisture from rain.Handles for interior and balcony doors
In interiors, there are usually handles with a short overlay in the form of a so -called rose. Covers of this type most often have a round shape, although currently there are also handles on the market with short oval, square and rectangular pads.Window handles are used to control the balcony door. Most often they are mounted only on one side of the sash, i.e. from the inside. According to the shape and design, single-shouldered and double-shouldered window handles are distinguished, but at present the first type is almost exclusively used. Some models are equipped with additional protection with a key or a button.Handles of fire doors
Handles for fire doors are a separate group of handles . This solution is used in conjunction with special fire locks. and it is recommended in rooms that, for their intended purpose, must meet special safety requirements. From the outside, the fire-resistant button handles have a fixed handle, and from the inside they are equipped with a movable lever that allows you to quickly open the door from the inside in case of an emergency. Из-за возможности концентрации биоактивных фитохимических веществ семян конопли (есть в продаже на Семяныч в процессе производства промышленность должна обращать внимание на дозировку, чтобы оптимизировать потенциальную пользу для здоровья.

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